British colonies archives project

Date Published:
Monday 27 September 2021

Last Friday, Teesdale A level history students worked with Northumbria University Research Fellow, Dr Tim Livsey, to explore documents from the migrated archives of the former British colonies. Dr Livsey is researching the thousands of documents that were taken from former British colonies as British rule ended.

Students analysed documents from Kenya in 1963 and discussed what the archival material shows us about British attitudes of the time and what should be done with the historical records in the future.

Dr Livsey is working on a project to bring these important documents and the themes they uncover to classrooms and hopes to offer internship opportunities to our sixth form historians who will work with undergraduates to explore the archives further.

Dr Henderson, our Head of Sixth Form, said: "This is a great opportunity for our students. We are very lucky to have such strong links with local universities that allows our sixth form to encourage students to think beyond the parameters of the courses they are studying, and engage with their chosen academic disciplines in a different way."