Bus timetables

Bus timetables

On this page you'll find details of the contracted school buses as well as the regular service buses and the new Arriva service from Darlington, please be sure to scroll all the way down for full information on all services.

Contracted school bus timetables


Contract 3042A  
  Market Place 08:15
  East End 08:16
  Church Bank 08:20
  Three Tuns (runs via Kinninvie) 08:21
Contract 3044  
  Langdon Beck Hotel 08:00
  Prior Farm 08:01
  Forest in Teesdale School Bus Stop 08:04
  High Force 08:05
  Bowlees 08:06
  Newbiggin Village Hall 08:09
  Dent Bank 08:10
  Stacks Lane Junction with Alston Road 08:12
  Middleton in Teesdale:  
  Market Place 08:15
  East End (PM only)  
  Whitegates House 08:18
  Bogg House Lane End 08:19
  Folly Top 08:21
  Bail Hill Farm Lane End 08:25
Contract 3047A  
  Thornberry Cottage 08:00
  Black Lodge Farm 08:08
  Startforth Grange:  
  Whitegates 08:16
  Bowes Shelter 08:20
  Low Fields 08:25
  East Lowfields 08:27
  Bowes Cross 08:28
  Boldron Village 08:30
  Boldron Junction A67 08:32
  Smart Gill Farm Road Ends 08:34
Contract 3048A provisional timetable  
  Wackerfield 0804
  Ingleton 0808
  A67 Whorlton Road Ends 0822
  Whorlton Village 0826
  East Shaws 0827
  Westwick Village  0829
Contract 3195A  
  Cotherstone  08:23
  Lartington  08:29

Arriva Darlington service

Arriva operate a service between Darlington and Barnard Castle (see the timetable below). Parents of students at Teesdale School and Sixth Form can buy their son/daughter an Arriva bus pass for £338 for the entire year by contacting Arriva on 0191 520 4144 or Monday - Friday until 5pm.

You can also set up a direct debit for the service bus at: