Sociology A level

Sociology is a subject that rewards and challenges those who are curious about the world around them. It encourages students to question why things are as they are. Sociology develops analytical and evaluative skills and encourages students to express their opinions and debate with others.

Studying Sociology at Teesdale Sixth Form is an enjoyable, enlightening and challenging experience. Students see the world through the new and exciting lens of informed sociological understanding. This really helps students to mature intellectually and emotionally

Sociology offers the opportunity to make links between different aspects of the course and wider social and political debates. These can be used to deepen the knowledge base of the students and also to promote debate, develop discussion skills and increase interdependence. Developing these skills then allows students to write with more clarity and evaluate with more authority when answering exam questions.

Curriculum outline
  • Families and households with methods
  • Education with methods in context
  • Global development
  • Crime and deviance

Assessment is 100% exams

I like studying sociology because it links with so many things that I encounter in everyday life and makes me question things about school and society around me.
Year 12 student

Potential career paths and further study

Sociology can lead to study at university and a number of occupations that require professional qualifications. Student often go on to study law or criminology after studying sociology.

I enjoy studying sociology because it helps me realise how society works and functions.
Year 12 student