Term dates and school timetable

Exam information

Programme for Assessments – Term 2 - 2017-2018

The purpose of this information is to explain how students will be assessed in the second term of 2017-2018. The main reason for sharing this is to help our parents to support their children with revision and examination preparation. We also hope that this will give greater context to the data shared through reports which will better enable parents to understand the progress their child is making.

Year 11

Year 11 students will sit their second mock examinations in a two-week window which begins on 5 March. All examinations will be sat in the hall under controlled conditions. The format of the papers will reflect as closely as possible what students will experience in their linear examinations in May and June.

An examination timetable will be produced and shared with students. The papers will be synoptic and cover everything taught on the course so far. This means that students should be actively revising all work from the course. 

Teachers will set tasks each week as part of the homework schedule to support revision.

Years 10-7

All assessments in these years are sat ‘in-class’. They are still, however, sat under examination conditions. They are not tightly constrained to one or two weeks so that they can fit more neatly into the curriculum structure of each subject, although there will naturally be some grouping together. 

In several subjects, the overall assessment decision will include other evidence – such as ongoing assignments in BTEC and project work in DT. In certain subjects in Years 7 and 8 the assessment decision will be based on ‘evidence over time’ in exercise books and through the projects that students complete – with only 1 hour a week this is the most appropriate approach.

The main purpose of homework in 2017-2018 is to practise, consolidate, and revisit previous material. Teachers will set tasks each week that support this.