Teesdale 2017-324

Our rewards system

At Teesdale we pride ourselves on a highly effective rewards system that acknowledges and celebrates the achievements and successes of all our pupils. Students will be recognised and praised for their academic achievements, progress, contributions to the school community, behaviour and attendance.

We strongly believe that pupils should be regularly and fairly rewarded for their achievements, to not only celebrate pupils’ successes, but to also inspire and motivate young people to achieve their very best and become confident, independent learners. This vision, in turn, raises standards and improves behaviour and attendance.

Outlined below are the various methods used across the school from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Subject Pins

These will be awarded every half term to two students in each year group (1 male & 1 female). These may be worn on their blazer.

Subject pins
Subject pins

Postcards Home

Postcards are sent home to our pupils and parents to recognise and praise a pupil for a particular achievement, act or effort. The exceptionally positive feedback from pupils and parents alike, suggests that this method of rewarding our pupils is highly valued and appreciated by all. All subject teachers, as well as the pastoral teams, use postcards to celebrate achievement and pupils really value receiving postcards as they provide them with a physical reward as recognition of their hard work, effort and commitment.

Achievement Assemblies

Achievement Assemblies are held termly and are an excellent opportunity to celebrate achievements in a formal, high profile manner. Through analysis of our Rewards system, individual subject nominations and attendance records we use Achievement Assemblies to praise and recognise the whole term successes of pupils who have consistently and continuously pushed themselves to achieve well. 

There are a wide range of categories that students are recognised for in these Achievement Assemblies. These include rewards for attendance, rewards for excellent contribution to the school through enrichment and rewards for subject achievements.