Emily's A level sucess

Date Published:
Monday 19 August 2019

What do you need to get into medical school? When we sit down in front of a GP, visit a consultant or even put our trust in a surgical team, we want to be certain that these people are the best.

Emily Sams will tell you that to get into medical school you really do have to be the best and she should know because she is off to Sheffield to start her medical training in September.  Her recent A level results were a testament to her outstanding academic ability.  She achieved an A* in maths, an A* in chemistry, an A* in physics and an A in biology.  The vast majority of students only study three A levels, but not Emily. 

When she was a shy and quiet girl in Year 7 she seemed so timid but there was, even then, a steely look in her eye and a fierce determination to succeed. This drive, resilience and sheer unwillingness to give up, alongside her talent, has seen her achieve what she has.

It is not easy to get into medical school and many students with excellent grades don’t make it.  Emily, however, was determined that she was going to realise her ambition of studying medicine.  During her time in the sixth form she benefited from working with Dr Bunny Forsyth, an NHS consultant, who delivers an elite practice coaching programme for aspiring medics. 

Emily also did volunteer work and shadowed a GP.  It was during her visits to the Beaconsfield Care Home as part of a sixth form enrichment scheme that she spent time with a stroke victim and their family and gained some valuable experiences that are sure to serve her well when working with patients in the future. 

Emily's volunteering shows her dedication beyond the textbooks and classroom to develop the skills to follow her dream of being a doctor. Thank goodness for incredible people like Emily who commit themselves to pursue a career in service of others.