Introducing master mathematician - Jake

Date Published:
Wednesday 02 May 2018

Master mathematician, Jake Knight, recently achieved a certificate of Merit in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad, a competition only open to the top performing 1600 students in the country. 

The Olympiad consists of one exam paper with six questions, all of which require full, formally written solutions. It is very demanding paper and students are considered to have done very well if they get the full solution to just one question within the time limit.

Jake's amazing achievement places him near the top 25% of the students who were entered the competition. He is planning on using his genius maths skills to study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry next year at Teesdale Sixth Form.

Test yourself

Can you answer one of the questions on Jake's paper? 

Three positive integers have sum 25 and product 360. Find all possible triples of these integers.

The answer is under the picture below. 

Introducing master mathematician - Jake Knight

Solution: 4, 6, 15 and 3, 10, 12