Teesdale students at the Bowes Museum

Special invite to Bowes Museum

Date Published:
Wednesday 08 March 2017

Having read the recent issue of the Teesdale History Research Group’s journal, Past to Present, the group were invited to attend the Napoleon exhibition at the Bowes Museum.

As well as a guided tour of the exhibits and some time spent in the archives, the group listened to a lecture by Dr. Simon Lee of the University of Reading, an expert in the art of Jacques-Louis David.  

The students were particularly struck by the diversity of the range of art and artefacts in the Bowes Napoleonic collection. A summer term issue of Past to Present will focus on Napoleon and European conquest in historical perspective. 

The next edition of the journal will be published before Easter and focuses on the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the meaning and consequences of Trump’s victory, but if you can't wait for those, the most recent version is available to download below. 

Teesdale students at the Bowes Museum
Teesdale students at the Bowes Museum