Miranda Lloyd - Martin Luther King for Freedom City 2017

Freedom City 2017 artwork

Date Published:
Wednesday 12 July 2017

Students have begun work towards the school's Freedom City 2017 project. This commemorates the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King being awarded an honorary degree by Newcastle University. There will be an evening of music and art with a guest address by Dr Ben Houston, Senior Lecturer in American History at the University of Newcastle on November 10th.

The art department has begun work on pieces inspired by King and the themes of the Freedom City 2017 project. A planned showcase exhibit will feature a giant collage portrait of Dr King which is contributed to by schools from across the North East Learning Trust.

An early contender for pride of place at the final exhibition has been produced by Miranda Lloyd in Year 10. Originally created as a gift for a family member, her work captures perfectly the image of King and all his emotion and humanity.  It is simply breath-taking!  

Well done Miranda.

You can find out more about Freedom City 2017 on their website

Miranda Lloyd - Martin Luther King for Freedom City 2017