Students win trip to the European Parliament

Date Published:
Tuesday 28 November 2017

Talented sixth formers, Lucy Blackburn, Sadie Askwith, Scarlett Ballantine, Jenny Teward, Nina Holguin, Laura Turner and Bethany Windle, have won a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the third year running.   

The Europe-wide 'Euroscola' competition focuses students' attention on all matters to do with Europe and specifically the EU. It actively encourages discussion and debate on relevant issues which face some if not all European citizens. 

For the last three years Teesdale students have entered Euroscola by writing a film script as a team on an issue they have researched. This year it their script focussed on freedom of movement (especially in the light of Brexit). The script must incorporate other European languages and this year includes interviews in French, Spanish and Russian (much of this thanks to friendships established from the visit to Tallin earlier this year). 

The script will be brought to life and filmed in a pop-up film studio in Newcastle, which is ran as part of the educational programme of the Tyneside Cinema, and will be available on our website soon. 

The highlight of the prize is a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg where along with member students from the other 26 member states and other students from the North East, students will hear MEPs debate the issues of the day. They will also debate current issues themselves (live streamed online on 22 March 2018) and even cast a vote for 'their country' - in many ways the visit is as close as students can get to having the experience of being an MEP!

In the past this visit has been inspiring for our students. Seeing simultaneous translation taking place was significant for Emma Turner who has gone on to study modern languages at Cambridge University and for Jack Parker who is taking a similar course at the University of Durham. Ella Blackburn, who has gone on to study history at Cambridge, was similarly inspired on her visit last year by speaking in the chamber to several hundred students and, like all of the students, acknowledges the impact of the visit on their knowledge and understanding. 

Other winning teams for the North East come from Durham Johnston, Emmanuel College and Consett Academy.