Inspired in London

Date Published:
Wednesday 21 December 2016

Our Year 12 sixth form students had an inspiring day in London early in December... literally!

The students, who study English literature and art, took part in a the trip to enrich their understanding of key elements on their curriculum.

The day began with a visit to The British Library where students were astonished to see manuscripts of The Beatles, Dickens and Charlotte Bronte as well as many treasures of world literature and art including pages from Da Vinci's skecthbooks.

The library was also full of many students studying intently, and this in itself was a real eye-opener for some of our students who had never been to London before. We then took a bus across the city to the Imperial War Museum and saw some of the iconic sights as we crossed the Thames.

The Imperial War Museum gave our students the chance to see the reality of life in WWI as well as many artefacts which brought the reality of this time as close as it is possible to get. One student, who is focusing on the Victoria Cross for his A-level art personal study, spent considerable time in the medals gallery where the history of the Victoria Cross and all its recipients was again inspiring.

We then went to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery where students couldn’t quite believe they were seeing the original paintings that they had been studying! From there we walked to Covent Garden which was lit up with giant mistletoe and baubles filling our students with Christmas spirit.

On the train back home the students reflected on the day and how much they had seen and how enriching the experience was. Their only question was: "when can we go again?".