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School uniform

Our uniform and personal appearance at Teesdale School is a reflection of our school's character. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of unity and pride and we ask that everyone, students, parents and carers, help to ensure that our school dress code is always observed.

We believe that proper school uniform is important because it:

  • instils pride in the students and the wider community
  • encourages identity with, and support for, our school ethos
  • protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of pupils
  • supports effective teaching and learning.

Uniform is compulsory for all students in Years 7 – 11. Sixth form students may wear their own clothes which must be 'smart casual' and suitable for a working environment. Uniform should be worn in the correct manner and coats must be removed upon entry to the school building.

How to order

Uniform items are available to purchase from Emblematic here.

Shirts, trousers and skirts can be purchased from external suppliers as long as they adhere to the school uniform policy.

Teesdale school uniform

Blazers, jumpers and shirts

  • Grey blazer with embroidered school badge (only available from Emblematic -compulsory)
  • Grey v-neck jumper or cardigan with embroidered school badge (only available from Emblematic - this is not compulsory)
  • Plain white school shirt buttoned to the neck with school tie - compulsory

Trousers, skirts and shorts 

  • Plain black formal straight cut trousers only (not grey)(The straight cut trousers must have no stripes, no combats, no jeans, no jeggings or leggings.)
  • Pleated skirt - only available from Emblematic – minimum length 20 inches  (black skirts are not allowed).
  • Plain black or grey tailored school shorts.

While we understand some parents may wish to purchase trousers from other sources, we would like to emphasise that trousers must not be made of jean-style materials. They must be school approved and must not be tight fitting. They must not have any adornments or fashion zips.


  • Plain black, formal, leather or leather style shoes, which can be polished 
  • No trainers, plimsolls, pumps or boots 
  • Socks must be black, grey or white.

Compulsory PE kit  

  • Sector polo - only available from Emblematic.
  • Sector panel shorts and/or skort and/or cuffed tracksuit pants and/or leggings - only available from Emblematic.
  • Knee high navy sports socks - available from Emblematic or any supplier
  • Other optional items are available - see uniform visuals below.

Trainers must be worn in PE lessons. Plimsolls, Converse, or canvas type shoes are not suitable. Students are advised to wear football boots for football and rugby. Optional items are available and can be viewed on the website.


Outside coats must be removed before entering classrooms. No caps or hats in the building.


Uniform rules:



Teesdale School grey blazer

  • Blazers must be worn at all times unless given permission to remove by a member of staff.
  • No outdoor clothing to be worn within the school building.

Plain, all-white shirt with standard collar (to be worn with Teesdale School tie)

  • May be short or long length sleeves.
  • Must be tucked in.
  • Top button must be fastened.
  • PE shirts to be worn ONLY for PE.

School skirt 

  • Only available from Emblematic

Plain, black school trousers 

  • A plain black, discreet belt with a small buckle may be worn on trousers with belt loops. 
  • No canvas, linen, denim or similar fabric.
  • No combats, jeans, hipsters, low-rise, combats, cropped or fashion trousers.
  • No additional accessories.
  • Trousers must not be tight fitting.
Plain black or grey school shorts
  • Shorts must be tailored school shorts
  • PE and other sports shorts must not be worn, including Teesdale School PE shorts.

Socks, tights and shoes

  • Plain black, formal, leather or leather style shoes which can be polished.
  • Socks must be black, grey or white.
  • Plain tights only may be worn.
  • No platforms, stilettos, kitten heels or other fashion shoes.
  • No boots of any description – in bad weather students must change out of boots or wellingtons immediately upon arrival at school.
  • No trainers of any description.
  • No canvas shoes or trainer-type fabric.
  • No coloured laces, coloured stitching or accessories.

Make-up, nail polish and hair 

  • Makeup should not be visible.
  • False eyelashes are not to be worn.
  • Lipstick is not to be worn.
  • Nails are not to be painted and false nails are not to be worn.
  • For health and safety reasons nails need to be of a sensible length.
  • Haircuts should not be less than a 1.
  • Students are not permitted to have tram lines or sculptures in their hair or any extreme hairstyles.
  • Hairbands. tie backs or accessories must be plain and discreet (e.g. no large flowers, coloured hairbands).
  • Students should not dye their hair an unnatural colour (e.g. red, green, multiple colours).

Teesdale School reserves the right to decide that the cut and colour of a student’s hairstyle is inappropriate e.g. tramlines, Mohicans, extreme short sides with longer on top.


  • Students can wear one small plain stud in each earlobe.  No other jewellery is permitted. It is against the school rules to wear any necklaces, bracelets or rings.
  • Diamante earrings are not allowed.
  • Visible tattoos are not allowed.
  • Plugs/expanders are not allowed.

PE uniform

  • Sector polo - only available from Emblematic.
  • Sector panel shorts and/or skort and/or cuffed tracksuit pants and/or leggings - only available from Emblematic.
  • Knee high navy sports socks - available from Emblematic or any supplier
  • Other optional items are available - see uniform visuals below.











Preloved uniform 

We recognise that we have a role to play in making school uniform as affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly as possible. 

Therefore, our Recycled Uniform System is now available to use at The Hub, Teesdale Community Resources, The Hub, Shaw Bank, Staindrop Road, Barnard Castle, DL12 8TD. The Hub can be reached on 01833 690150.


Each of our school blazers saves 46 plastic bottles from landfill! Our blazers are made with RE-VIVE fabric - an innovative, eco friendly material produced by Trutex. 

Here’s how it works...

  • Plastic bottles are shredded into ‘flakes’ and heated to make the material workable (known as the depolymerisation process). 
  • The flakes undergo further complex heating processes to form recycled chips which are then put through a special machine to form a fine polyester yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

... and voilá, our school blazers are ready to be worn, helping to save the planet! 

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