Further maths AS/A level

Students doing AS Further Mathematics must also complete the course in Mathematics.

Further mathematics is a course designed to run in combination with the A level mathematics course for those who have a passion for the subject or to challenge and advance the most gifted students. The subject is very highly regarded and excellent preparation for a science or maths-related degree at one of the country’s top universities.


AS/A level Further Mathematics

Awarding body


Entry requirements

GCSE at Grade 7 or above in mathematics

Year 12

Further Pure Mathematics (compulsory): Complex numbers, numerical maths, differential equations and proof.

Year 13

Decision (optional): Algorithms, graphs, linear programming and critical path analysis

Further Mechanics (optional): Further study of kinematics, mass, statics, work, elastics, dynamics

Further Statistics (optional): Further probability distributions, sampling and regression


Students are assessed entirely through examination at the end of the course by three examinations.

By the very nature of the course there is flexibility in the modules available and there is no fixed route through the course. Modules to be taken are normally negotiated with students as to which are best for them and best suits their needs and interests.

Further pure mathematics (two 1hour 30minutes examinations: 50%)

Further mathematics option* (one 1hour 30minutes examination for each unit: 50% in total)

*Options available: Further pure mathematics; further statistics; further mechanics; decision mathematics


Why study further mathematics?

Further mathematics is exceptionally well regarded as a foundation for scientific subjects. A large proportion of students who study further maths go on to study engineering, mathematics or another science at university.