Teesdale School - 96

Performance and Ofsted

This year we have had a fantastic set of GCSE and A level results here at Teesdale School and Sixth Form.

English & maths at Grade 4 (pass) 



88% at Grade 4+   


81% at Grade 4+  


70% at Grade 4+ 


100% at Grade 4+  


93% at Grade 4+     


80% at grade 4+ 


93% at 4+ 

2023 Key Stage 4 (main school) results  

  • Attainment 8 score = 52.03  

  • Progress 8 score = +0.21

  • Percentage of students achieving a strong pass (Grades 9-5) in English and mathematics is 50%  

  • Percentage of students achieving a standard pass (Grades 9-4) in English and mathematics is 78%  

Percentage of pupils entered for the English baccalaureate = 73.5%. (To be entered for the EBacc a pupil must have entered GCSEs or equivalents across five subject ‘pillars’; English Language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and then history or geography.)  

38.7% of our Year 11 students passed the English baccalaureate at grade 4 or above.  

The EBACC attainment measure is the average point score achieved in the EBacc across the five pillars 4.62 for all students.  

In 2023, from our current knowledge, the destination measure is 100% but this is from exit data following GCSE. 2023 data has not yet been published. 

2023 Key Stage 5 (sixth form) results  

In 2023, the average grade that students achieved is shown below, separately for A levels, academic and applied general qualifications:  

· The average grade is B- for academic qualifications.  

· The average grade is Distinction for applied general qualifications.  

Teesdale Sixth Form destination figures (where students went on to) for 2023:  

  • Higher Education – 70% 

  • Employment – 15% 

  • Apprenticeship – 15% 

  • % of students who joined in Year 12 who completed the learning activities leading to the learning aims in Year 13: 94%. The 6% of students who were not retained remained in education or training at another establishment.