Jonathan Atkinson

After leaving Teesdale Sixth Form, I became assistant manager at the Cooperative before moving on to the same role at Betfred. I then went to Queen Elizabeth to complete an access course to go to university with the view to becoming a primary school teacher. After deciding that sociology was better suited to me, I studied it at Teesside University.

After graduating with first class honours, I moved to Greater Manchester to complete a PGCE to become a sociology teacher. Since qualifying in 2012 I have worked at a girls high school in central Manchester where I have achieved quick promotions: assistant head of social sciences, leading to lead coordinator and now head of Rosa Parks house and PSHE lead.

What university did you attend?

Queen Elizabeth: Access course 2007-2008

Teesside University: 2008-2011

Manchester Metropolitan University: 2011-2012

What qualifications did you achieve?

I got a BSC in Sociology (first class honours) and a PGCE in Social Sciences with Citizenship (distinction).

What are your future plans and ambitions?

I would like to become an assistant headteacher in the next two years, deputy headteacher in the next seven years and headteacher in the next twelve years.

What has been the highlight of your life so far after leaving school?

The highlights have been marrying my wife and the birth of my daughter.

What is your favourite Teesdale memory?

Jonnycam and the sixth form entertainment

Advice to my younger self...

Stop mucking about and do your homework! Stop mucking about and revise for your exams! Stop mucking about and do some actual work!

You can invite one person to a dinner party - who do you invite and why?

Karl Marx - I would like to know what he makes of Donald Trump, Brexit, the rise of the hard right, bankers “getting away with it”, demonisation of the working classes, Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Marie La Penne.

Karl Marx