Through creative exploration of performance and design elements, the study of drama engages, inspires and challenges students, immersing them in the world of storytelling as an art form. Students will explore approaches to drama influenced by practitioners from a range of cultural backgrounds, with an appreciation of the importance and relevance of theatre in society.

Drama at Teesdale School leads students on a journey of creativity and self-expression through the exploration of core knowledge and skills.    

Students are encouraged to develop their skills as an actor, directors and designers through the creation of original and pre-published performance material. As well as developing subject-specific skills, drama provides students with the opportunity to build a range of transferable skills, from effective communication to problem-solving.   

Students enjoy drama because it allows them to be whoever they want to be. It gives them a voice and an opportunity to share how they view the world.  Students develop the ability to work collaboratively and are inspired to become storytellers for their audience.  

 All students are given the opportunity to develop their love of performing and creating theatre in our drama clubs where you can explore the world of stage and television production further.  

In our theatre and media club, students develop their leadership skills in marketing and theatrical costume and set design.  

Curriculum information 






Introducing stagecraft  

Learn how to create different characters and  portray a range of different emotions.  

Explore the beginnings of performing on stage to an audience. 

Introducing page to stage   

 Learn how to use vocal and physical skills including tone, body language and facial expressions to perform from a chosen script.    

Introducing creating theatre    

Explore how to create your own performance generating ideas from a range of stimuli including images, lyrics and quotes.   

Drama is an excellent subject as it lets you have fun while learning, drama is the best!
Year 7 student
I think drama is amazing because it is fun to act and it really makes me express myself.
Year 7 student