Melanie Hooper

I am currently studying a BSc Hons Geography degree at the University of Chester.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

At the end of my degree I hope to do a PGCE year. Once this is completed I may take a year out to do further research for geography in countries such as New Zealand or Iceland. After that, I hope to become a secondary school geography teacher.

What has been the highlight of your life so far after leaving school?

Probably having complete independence. Since being at university I have developed numerous life skills. For example, I have learned to cook myself, no longer just a Pot Noodle! I have also had to balance my finances, in terms of food shopping, rent and also differing aspects for a social life.

What is your favourite Teesdale memory?

I have many great memories of Teesdale School, one that stands out is falling in the river on the Year 11 geography field trip. However my favourite memory would have to be sixth form ball in Year 13 as it was the perfect way to say goodbye to everyone.

Advice to my younger self...

I would tell her not to be so worried about what other people think of you. Don’t just follow the crowd because that’s what everyone else is doing.

You can invite one person to a dinner party - who do you invite and why?

I would invite Emma Watson as personally, I believe, that she is a great role model to young girls. She has overcome the stereotype of child actors and gone on to become a successful actress. She graduated from a prestigious university while still acting and is now a UN women goodwill ambassador.

Emma Watson