Health and social care

Health and social care BTEC

Health and Social Care is a very important part within our society. The careers which are associated with this subject can be very rewarding. People go into careers in this sector because they are passionate and want to make sure that everyone gets the care and attention, they all deserve.

Within this subject we explore the way in which the human body develops overtime and what might affect the way it works. We look at the barriers which the services may face day-to-day and how they can ensure that the best care is given to all their caseload.  


BTEC Health and Social Care  

Entry requirements

It is not essential that students have studied health and social care previously, but students must have five or more GCSEs at Grade 5 or above. A Grade 5 in English language is crucial. 

Year 12

Unit  1– Human Lifespan development (examined )  

In this unit you will cover physical, intellectual, emotional and social development across the human lifespan, and the factors affecting development and the effects of ageing.  

Unit  5—Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs (Coursework) 

In this unit you will use two case studies to explore a range of ideas- looking in to equalty and diversity and why it is important and how it should be handled. You will also look at how services work and who is involved in the services.  Through this you will look at how people should be cared for and why it is important in different care settings. 

Year 13

Unit 2 - Working in Health and Social Care (examined)  

In this unit you will explore what it is like to work in the health and social care sector, including the roles and responsibilities of workers and organisations.  


Unit 12- Supporting Individuals with additional needs (Coursework) 

In this unit you will use two case studies with very different needs and examine why these individuals may experiences these different needs. Examining how to overcome barriers and challenges for individuals that they may face daily. 


BTEC health and social care extended certificate equates to one A level 

Within this subject you will complete two units a year which will be one examined unit and one coursework unit. These will be delivered so that you have a chance to sit the exam in January and have an opportunity for resit it May.  

The weighting of the assessment is as follows 58% external assessment / 42% internal assessment.


Why study health and social care?

If you are thinking about going into a career into the health and social care industry, then this course could be for you.  

This course will help you further develop your knowledge and skills to help you move on to university or on to an apprenticeship. This course provides a route for students who wish to take a vocational qualification alongside A-levels and is a route to higher education for careers such as social work, nursing, counselling, occupational therapy, nutrition, primary teaching and working in a nursery.