Sixth Form admissions

We are now accepting applications for Teesdale Sixth Form. To get in touch about an application please use the information on this page or email [email protected]. Applications from Year 11 students from all schools are welcome.

The courses you apply for in Sixth Form are an important part of your education and career path. Please begin by considering carefully the courses which are right for you and if you are unsure about your likely GCSE results, talk to us so we can help you to decide the most suitable route.

Please email us directly to apply.

Course entry requirements

If you are applying for A-level courses, we would ideally like you to have a Grade 6 or higher in those subjects you wish to study at A level, as we believe this will give you the best chance of success. However, many students who achieve Grade 5 will also be able to be successful so please discuss your options choices with our Head of Sixth Form, Dr Simon Henderson.

If you are applying for BTEC courses then you should have a pass in that course, or in an equivalent qualification, at Level 2.

All students applying to Sixth Form should have a Grade 4 in an English GCSE qualification and in mathematics.

You should select four courses that you are interested in on our initial option form and return it to reception at Teesdale School and Sixth Form.

Interviews are arranged during November and December to discuss your subject choices and your aspirations for the future. 

If you have any questions about the admissions process or your options for applying to Teesdale Sixth Form, please contact Dr Simon Henderson, Head of Sixth Form, at [email protected]