Culture Vultures: Extra-curricular projects

Culture Vultures is an exciting extra-curricular scheme for Key Stage 3 students. The projects cover a range of subjects and allow students to win house points for their house!

Calling all Culture Vultures!

Check out the range of projects we have on offer below. The hand-in deadline for the projects is Wednesday 14th December. Please give these to the class teacher of the relevant subject. We can't wait to see your work!

Half term 2 tasks 

Christmas Challenge – 4 tasks to choose from…

Task 1 - Have a go at creating your own Christmas decoration.

This could be done a paper as a drawing of a decorated bauble, or you might wish to be a little bit more hands on and gather some materials to actually make a decoration. This could be the main tree topper, something to wrap around the Christmas tree or perhaps even something to adorn a mantlepiece or a staircase – the possibilities are endless.  Read more here:

 Task 2 – Christmas Truce

See if you can write down a conversation a German and British soldier may have had on Christmas Day 1914. What do you think they first asked each other? What do you think they both had in common? 


Make something you think the soldiers would have exchanged on Christmas Day. It could be a scarf, clothing, food? One of these would be a great way to remember such a significant event of the First World War.

Read more here:,fir%20trees%20along%20their%20trenches.

Task 3 - Create a diorama of a pantomime stage. It could be based on any pantomime you want. Remember that most pantomimes are based on fairy tales or fables.

You could build your diorama from a shoe box or other materials. Traditionally, pantomimes are known for being over the top and colourful, so get creative!  Read more here:

Task 4 - This task gives you free reign to be as creative as you can!

Here are some examples: Write a poem about the build up to Christmas, write a description of Christmas morning, Paint a picture of people doing their Christmas shopping, perhaps in the style of Lowry, Bake a cake, dessert or biscuits that reminds you of Christmas, Create a five-minute version of your favourite Christmas film.