Josh Rosengarten

Since leaving University I’ve had various jobs that have predominantly been in the recycling industry. When I first left University I started a job at Ballast Phoenix, an ash recycling company, as a general operative. It was difficult to find a suitable job when leaving University and this was solely a stepping stone until I found something more suitable.

I then moved to Student Finance and worked there assessing students’ applications for loans and determining their allowance. I was then successful in getting a graduate position at Europe’s largest metal recycling company – European Metal Recycling. I worked there as a graduate trainee manager for roughly 18 months before I returned to Ballast Phoenix where I currently work as a production manager. I enjoy my job for its many challenges, its influence in shaping the future and the fact that it allows me to travel the world. In between all this, I bought a house with my girlfriend who I met at school and we have been together since 2006.

What university did you attend?

Newcastle University

What qualification did you achieve?

BA (Hons) Business Management

What are your future plans and ambitions?

I hope to continue to build a career with my current employer and build a life with my girlfriend.

What has been the highlight of your life so far after leaving school?

My time at university has been the highlight since leaving school; I made some great friends for life and had an awful lot of fun!

What is your favourite Teesdale memory?

The sixth form ball is one of my favourite memories - a good night was had by all. The final year of sixth form was also a particular highlight as there wasn’t many weekends when there wasn’t a party to attend.

Advice to my younger self...

Life is all about balance, work hard when you need too but make sure you have just as much fun!

You can invite one person to a dinner party - who do you invite and why?

I would invite Andrew Flintoff. He appears to have a similar sense of humour to me and I imagine he has some great stories to tell from his cricket playing days.

Andrew Flintoff.