Public Services A level

Careers in the uniformed services are challenging, demanding and at the same time, hugely rewarding. When studying public services, students will look at a range of uniformed careers, however the flexibility of the course also gives plenty of opportunities to research any career path. It is ideal for a student who doesn’t know what they want to do, as well as one who has it all mapped out. The range of assessment methods makes the course accessible to all and it compliments many other A level and BTEC choices.

Curriculum outline

Over a 2 year period, this course covers the following units:

  • Government, policies and the public services
  • Leadership and teamwork in the public services
  • Behaviour in public service employment
  • Citizenship, diversity and the public services

And two of these optional units

  • Physical preparation, health and lifestyle for the public services
  • Crime and its effects on society
  • Career planning for the public services
  • Skills for land-based outdoor and adventurous activities
  • Volunteering in public services

Potential career paths and further study

The opportunities that this course opens up are vast, whether you are interested in a career in the uniformed services or any other job working with the general public. Students studying public services go on to apprenticeships, higher education, or straight into employment.

Public services