Art and design

Art and design A level

Art and design is an exciting course at Teesdale Sixth Form where students are introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of materials, techniques and processes. They explore both traditional and new technologies, including photography and computer editing techniques such as using Photoshop.

During the course students will use sketchbooks or journals to underpin their work. They will research artists and photographers to inform their practice and will work towards a specific project theme. Drawing is an essential part of the course, accounting for 25% of the final grade, so it is essential that students are competent in this element.

Students enjoy the course as it gives them the independence and freedom to develop ideas and techniques in their own emerging style. Many choose to go onto art courses at university or art foundations at local institutions. 

Curriculum outline

Art and design in Year 12 and 13 gives students the opportunity to really hone their artistic skills, whilst giving them the freedom to express themselves with independently chosen topics.

We offer are lucky enough to offer 3 qualifications:

  •  A level art and design
  • A level photography
  • Level 3 BTEC in art and design

Students will be required to record their observations, research the work of artists and develop their own ideas through exploration of materials.

Topics taught include:

  • Independent personal investigation and response

Previous topics have included:

  • Life and death
  • Rhythms and cycles
  • Harmony and discord
I really enjoy photography because it allows me to show people a different perspective on life. It allows me to draw attention to what would normally go unnoticed.
Year 12 student

Potential career paths and further study

This course can lead to a whole host of opportunities including: ceramicist, painter, graphic designer, web design, art curator, exhibition reviewer, art restorer, model maker, set design, architect, storyboard artist, video game design, typography, commercial photography, cinematographer, Photoshop expert, photo journalism, film maker, animator, brand and logo designs, advertising, art teacher, art therapy, interior design, illustrator and more. It can also lead to art foundation courses and numerous art degrees at universities.

I enjoy the freedom of developing my own ideas using different materials and techniques. I also like researching a variety of artist and designers work to help inform my ideas.
Year 12 student