Teesdale School and Sixth Form vacancies

Joanne Nixon

I was born and raised in Darlington and moved to the Barnard Castle area in 1997 after a brief period of three years living in Wiltshire. I am a long-standing civil servant and have worked across a number of government departments and agencies. During those years I qualified as a Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and also achieved the CIPFA Certificate in Investigative Practice.

I currently work for the Education Funding Agency and have a son at Teesdale School hence my interest in becoming a governor of the school where I have served since September 2012. I consider myself highly practical and a great advocate of the common sense approach to resolving most difficulties. I have a keen interest in music although have no talent in that area myself. I have been awed by the level of confidence and performance by Teesdale students at the many concerts and school shows I have attended. For such a relatively small community we have some very talented and inspiring musicians, actors and performers.