Land based course

Land based course

Our new and exciting land based course is offered in partnership with Houghall College. 

Students have the opportunity to explore in a theoretical and practical way:

  • how land use has changed and developed over time considering the geographical and legislative drivers for this change.
  • how land is used in a range of industries. For example agriculture, floristry, animal care, and game and wildlife management.
  • The challenges and conflicts that arise as a consequence of the competing needs to use land.

As part of the course, students visit the working farm at Houghall campus with expert tuition from experienced tutors.  This supports and develops the ideas introduced in lessons which also frequently have practical and project based components to them.

Year 9


Learning outcomes

To understand the different uses of land and associated industries.

To understand how land use has changed over time.

Topics taught

1.1 Land use and management

1.2 Factors affecting land use and management 

1.3 Land based and associated industries 

2.1 Chronological review of land-use

2.2 Challenges and conflicts